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3M non-structural strength adhesives bond substrates used in insulation applications, cushioning, decorative trim, packaging, paneling, sealing, gasketing, countertops, furniture, woodworking and eneral assembly.  Materials include rubber, plastics, fabric, leather, wood, metal, and glass.  A range of bond strength is available to help meet specific requirements wherever structural strength is not required.

Each substrate has an individual bonding "profile" determined by the degree of porosity, absorbency, surface texture, strength, solvent sensitivity, and reaction to environmental conditions such as humidity.

With 3M adhesives, you have a wide selection to help find the best balance of end-use performance, application ease and cost effectiveness.

Non-structural adhesive forms can be liquid with different viscosities, solid hot melts, or supplied in a convenient aerosol.

The aircraft industry is one of the pioneers in use of structural adhesives.  And structural adhesives still play an integral role in the aerospace industry.  Many other industries have also been taking advantage of 3M's advanced formulations and innovative dispensing.





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