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To meet the requirements for stress resistance, specific substrates, application efficiency and cost, 3M offers a wide range of easy-to-use adhesives in handy sizes with practical dispensing systems.

Structural adhesives bond the load-bearing parts of a product.  Usually these are metal, but wood, glass and rigid products can also be structurally bonded ... read more on structural adhesives.

Non-Structural adhesives bond materials for insulation, cushioning and paneling, rubber, plastic, fabric, leather, wood, cardboard and other substrates used in non load-bearing applications ... read more about non-structural adhesives.

Adhesive Transfer Tapes are the most comprehensive and versatile line of adhesive tapes available.  You'll find 3M options for joining metals, powder paint surfaces, glass, plastics, even fabrics, bond any one of thousands of material combinations ... read more about adhesive transfer tapes.

Double Coated Tapes offer a variety of transparent tape coated with permanent adhesive on both sides.  Linerless and easy to dispense, they are available in a variety of lengths, widths and core sizes ... read more about double coated tapes.

Reclosable Fasteners eliminate holes, snap caps, fastener heads and protusions for clean lines and sleek profiles in many applications.  When 3M Reclosable Fasteners are pressed together, a secure but reclosable attachment results, which can be opened and closed many times ... read more about reclosable fasteners.


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