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Adhere Distributors knows that work place health is important to you. That’s why we are now handling adjustable work bench frames from Joro Manufacturing.

Joro Manufacturing has developed an extensive and sophisticated level of expertise in height adjustability to improve workplace ergonomics and to reduce the hazards for injury and discomfort without undermining productivity. Joro frames can be retrofitted to your current fixed-height workstations thereby allowing multiple operators to adjust the work space to their ideal height. Joro frames can be used in virtually any situation where people of different heights are using the same work place to prevent back strain and injury, including work benches, desks, countertops, boardroom tables and even residential kitchen countertops!

Joro frames come in two widths (30”-54” and 60"-96") with height adjustability from 24.4”- 51”. Depending on the frame style, Joro frames come with electrical systems and are programmable for user-defined memory settings.

Ergonomics isn’t just an idea; it’s proven that proper work place ergonomics prevents injuries and improves productivity. Adhere Distributor can help you to make your work place, wherever it may be, a healthier, safer and more productive environment.





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