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This is big news for construction and manufacturing industries.  For the first time, the full line of the specialty 3M VHB RP tape is being released in Canada.  Now you’ll be able to reap the benefits of one of the strongest and most effective bonding tapes available.  The RP line of VHB tapes is also a value-priced alternative line of VHB products designed to complement 3M’s original line of Ultra High Performing VHB tapes.

3M VHB RP tapes have more than just a “very high bond” strength – these tapes have been proven to be an effective alternative to screws, rivets, welds and other forms of mechanical fasteners.  Once a joint is bonded with 3M VHB RP tape a virtually indestructible weld is created, spreading the stress load across the entire length of the joint.  Using 3M VHB RP tape eliminates the need and time required for drilling screw and rivet holes, as well as refinishing or grinding weld joints.

3M VHB RP tapes are double-sided with a foam core, acrylic adhesive and come in a variety of sizes.  As a result, these tapes provide extraordinary strength, conformity and versatility.  VHB RP tapes can be used on glass, metal, many plastics, composites, sealed wood and painted surfaces, and are ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.





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