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We are very excited to announce a new alliance between 3M Canada Company and Jig-A-Loo Lubricants Inc.
Effective November 15, 2005, 3M Canada has been granted exclusive rights to distribute industrial use Jig-A-Loo Aerosol Lubricant.  This lubricant has the following features:

  • Lubricates, waterproofs and protects.
  • Contains no oil, grease, wax or detergents.
  • Will not drip or stain.
  • MOQ:  12 cans/case.
  • Catalog ID:  JIG-A-LOO-400GR.
  • List price $9:41/can.

Call us today at 1-800-665-7962 (Canada) or direct at
1-204-694-1660, or simply email us





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