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September 16, 2010






This is such a great idea.

3Mís VHB RP Tape is a specialty tape that has such a high-strength bond that itís a proven alternative to screws, rivets and even welds. Imagine the possibilities!

The RP Family is new to the VHB Tape series.  With 100% acrylic construction it has extraordinary strength, conformability and versatility.  The VHB RP tape also resists UV and weather damage making it an excellent product for outdoor use.  This tape bonds easily to a wide variety of surfaces:  glass, metal, plastic, composites, wood, and painted surfaces.  And, with its current listing price, itís a cost-effective version of the original VHB family of specialty bonding tapes.  Drop by Adhere Distributors and find out what this product can do for you.

For more information about 3M's VHB RP Tape, or for sales, services and solutions that are second-to-none, visit Adhere Distributors in person or on-line at

3M 4412N Extreme Sealing Tape

Having invented specialty bonding tape over 30 years ago, itís safe to say that 3M knows tape.  And theyíve hit the mark again with the new 3M extreme Sealing Tape 4412N.  Extreme Sealing Tape 4412N is a superior sealing tape that works on everything from rain gutters to ceiling flashing and vents.  Make sure your surfaces are clean, and all you do is roll it on.  There are no messy adhesives, no more wasted partial cartridges, no drying time, and perhaps, best of all, no clean up.

4412N Extreme Sealing tape is paintable and comes in several convenient widths to suit your job.  Even in the extremes of temperature, rain, sun and snow, it resists cracking, yellowing and edge lifting while maintaining an excellent seal.  Its acrylic backing also ensures that the tape stays flexible and is able to conform over contours and edges, rivets and screw heads.  3Mís Extreme Sealing tape is simple, easy to use, and it works!

If youíre looking for a great sealing product that leaves a clean, neat finish, goes on easily and has no clean up, 3M 4412N Extreme Sealing Tape may be right for you.


Loctite 3092 Adhesive

Loctite 3092 is an ultra fast, two-component, gel adhesive that can bond gaps up to 2 mm in depth.  The auto-mix technology ensures that the components are properly mixed to ensure consistent and fast curing.  3092 works in all ambient temperature and moisture conditions and because it is ultra-fast bonding, you can move to your next process step right away.

3092 adhesive has a gel formulation so it stays put where you apply it.  It works on rubber, wood, paper, leather and most plastics with a working time of 4-5 minutes, a working strength in 4-5 minutes and full adhesion in 24 hours.

Loctite 3092 comes in a convenient syringe packaging.  The auto-mix technology means you get the right mix of components, less waste and mess, and the ultra fast bonding means you get the job done fast.