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September 17, 2009






... that Adhere Distributors is now a 3M Full Line Aerospace Distributor?

With one of Canada’s largest aerospace manufacturing and maintenance sectors practically on its doorstep, Adhere Distributor is perfectly positioned to be a major supplier of specialized adhesive and related products for this industry. Adhere Distributors handles the range of 3M products, including adhesive primers and paints, adhesive void fillers, and protective boots for many different aircraft models in the commercial, private and military air industry. With professional 3M training, Adhere’s technical representatives are ready to help you find the best possible solutions for your adhesive, surface protection and safety issues.

For sales, services and solutions that are second-to-none, visit Adhere Distributors in person or on-line at






3M Products for Construction Markets:  Air and Water Filtration Systems

With 3M gearing up its line of construction products, Adhere Distributors is pleased to be your supplier for 3M’s air cleaning filters and water filtration systems.

The Pro Series of residential air cleaning filters offers contractors high performance filters.  Using an electrostatic micro fibre system, these filters are able to last up to one year and capture significantly more microscopic and large allergens such as:

  • Dust
  • Smoke particles
  • Smog particles
  • Mold spores
  • Pet dander

3M’s water filters offer a choice of installation options and filtration rates, and a wide range of filtration capabilities including to suit your needs.  Water filters include: POU (point-of-use) filters that can be fitted to existing faucets or may have a dedicated faucet, and whole house, point-of-entry filtration systems to provide high quality water for the whole house.  Replacement cartridges make it easy to keep your water clean and fresh.

3M also has ultraviolet disinfection systems for household water.  These point-of-entry filters have been designed to provide a compact mounting footprint for today’s homes and cottages.

For cleaner, fresher and safer air and water, 3M and Adhere Distributors have the clear choices.


3M Products for Construction Markets:  Expanded Safety Products

3M is constantly working to provide you with the best products for safety in the workplace.  Their recently expanded line of Occupational and Environmental safety products and solution is no exception.  All products meet industry best practices and industry safety standards (CSA, ANSI, NIOSH, OSHA).  In this article we will highlight three areas of the many safety products in 3M’s catalogue: hearing protection, communication, and fall protection.

Hearing protection:  3M has teamed up with Peltor to bring you several choices in earplug and ear muff hearing protection.  Earplugs include seven choices, from the “Classic” to the Ultrafit reusable earplugs.  The NRR for these plus ranges between 25 to 33 dB.

Not sure which earmuff you’ll need for the job site?  You need noise reduction, but still need to hear what’s going on around you.  With Peltor OPTIME earmuffs, all you do is match your posted work place noise levels with the series number of the earmuffs (95, 101, 105).  Each series has several models to choose from to make sure you get the required hearing protection.

Communication:  Communication on the job site is a must, but can be a challenge in a high noise work environment.  3M offers 2-way radio headsets to enable clear communication in your work environment.  The PowerCom Plus self-contained 2-way radio headset can transmit up to 2-miles with 22 channels and 38 privacy sub-channels.  MT series Industrial headset is for use with 2-way radio systems.

Fall Protection:  3M offers a variety of safety harness, including harnesses for welder and metal-workers.  Lightweight and made state-of-the-art webbing, these harnesses are adjustable and have quick connect buckles.  3M also carries a variety of lanyards for added fall protection.