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September 16, 2008







For ages, people have been trying to find new ways to make their boats and marine equipment move faster and easier in the water.  Wait no longer!  HYSPEEDKOTE, a special aerosol coating that reduces water resistance and increases the efficiency of your marine products, is now available in Canada and available at Adhere Distributors.  HYSPEEDKOTE is a water insoluble polymer that actually holds a continuous film of water on underwater surfaces and reduces drag.  Just apply a thin coat to the hull of your boat, kayak, Jet Ski, windsurfer, whatever, and ride the water like never before!

For all your adhesive needs, check out 3M products on our web site at Adhere Distributors.


New 3M Air-Powered Sanding & Buffing Tools

As the perfect companion to their abrasives, 3M has introduced a new line of Air-Powered Sanding tools:  the 3M buffer, Random Orbital Sanders, the 3″x 4″ Orbital Sander and the Nib Removal Sander.  Thanks to 3M innovation, these tools are precision balanced for smoother operation, and come with a variety of new dust management systems, a variety of grip sizes and plenty of power to maximize performance.

The right angle design of the 3M Buffer makes it easy to use and lets the operator get into those tough-to-sand areas.  The large orbit also means that you get the job done faster.

The 3M Nib Removal Sander is small and lightweight and, with a variable speed setting, is perfect for wet sanding small areas on automobile finishes or reinforced plastic or wood. 

3M Random Orbital Sanders have a unique dual action sanding pattern that leaves a swirl-free finish even when sanding against the grain.  The 3″x 4″ Orbital Sander is great for cabinet refinishing or detail finishing, and the rectangular shape lets you get into those tight corners.  The Random Orbital Sanders and the 3″x 4″ Orbital Sander are available in three vacuum styles: non-vacuum, central vacuum-ready, and self-generated vacuum to accommodate your project or job site. 

For that exquisite finish that is important to you and your customers, trust 3M innovations to get the job done quickly and to get the job done right.



Plexus Acrybond Adhesives

Whether youíre refinishing your solid surface countertops, inserting a new kitchen sink or redoing the bathroom vanity, itís important to get the right adhesive to make sure surfaces are properly sealed and bonded.  Plexus Acrybond Adhesives are specially formulated to produce tough bonds on a variety of surfacing materials including: densified cast polymers, acrylics and polyester blends.  Available in 50 ml tubes all the way to 55-gallon drums, these adhesives are UV stable, 100% reactive, contain no solvents and are European EINECS-compliant.

Plexus Acrybond Adhesives also offer over 50 standard colours and countless, custom-tinted adhesives to match virtually any surfacing material. 

If you need a high-strength, durable adhesive with a rainbow of colour choices, look for Plexus Acrybond Adhesives at Adhere Distributors to give your project the perfect finishing touch.