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November 16, 2012






Big news for construction and manufacturing industries ... for the first time, the full line of the specialty 3M VHB RP tape is being released in Canada.  Now youíll be able to reap the benefits of one of the strongest and most cost effective bonding tapes available.

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3M gripping material

Made up of thousands of micro gripping fingers on a flexible backing material, 3M Gripping Material enhances the contact between you and the item it has been applied to, producing a superior grip so you can work and play more safely and confidently.

Application of Gripping Material to your tools increases the friction at the point of handling.  The result is a superior, more comfortable grip under dry, wet, or even oily conditions.

3M Gripping Material is available as tape and as the original adhesive-backed version.  Both can be applied directly to many metals, wood, and plastic.  3M Griping Material is available in a range of tactility (from ultra soft to firm), and durability and even comes in ready-to-use pre-molded grips for handles or shafts.

33M Gripping Material is incredibly versatile.  You can use Gripping Material on almost anything that you want to get a better grip on, big or small.  Just a few of its applications include:

  • Work gloves
  • Industrial tool handles
  • Levers
  • Steering wheels
  • Handrails
  • Power tools
  • Garden tools
  • Lawn mower handles
  • Baseball bats
  • Golf club grips and gloves
  • Fishing rods
  • Sport racquets
  • Water ski gloves
  • Snow blower handles
  • Therapeutic products

When Gripping Material is used as a 2-part system, i.e., Gripping Material on Gripping Material, contact is even more dramatically improved.  Making a 2-part system has recently become much easier with the release of 3Mís new Gripping Material work and sport gloves.  You can read more about these gloves as the second featured product in this newsletter.

If getting a better grip will make a difference to your work, play, or safety, 3M Gripping Material is a product worth getting a hold of.

3M VHB RP Tape

3M is excited to announce that using their Gripping Material is even handier than before!  Initially designed to be applied to the handling portion of work equipment, tool and sports items, Gripping Material is now available on work and sport gloves!  By strategically placing Griping Material on gloves 3M provides you with an easier way to improve your grip on work and sporting equipment.

Gloves with Gripping Material have a distinct advantage over traditional leather or cotton gloves.  Because of the novel design of the gripping material, grip is maintained, even under wet and oily conditions.  A better grip means a better hold on tools, less slippage, less hand fatigue and improved productivity.

One of the major benefits of the gloves is that they make it easy to create a two-part system, i.e., Gripping Material on gloves and on your equipment.  Studies have demonstrated that when using a two-part system, Gripping Material can provide up to a 270% improvement in friction over leather gloves and provide you with an even more secure hold on your equipment.

3M gripping material gloves are designed for on-the-job applications as well as for recreational use.  After a day on the job, get out on the links or the diamond with your 3M golf and batting gloves and show them who has a real grip on the game.