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March 16, 2010






Did you know that 3M Anti-fatigue mats have been demonstrated to reduce lower back and lower extremity discomfort and reduce standing worker fatigue. These mats use a coiled spring and an integrated “Z” polymetric construction to provide the anti-fatigue properties.

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Greenguard Adhesives

Nowadays, with the emphasis on being green in the building industry, it’s difficult to figure out what products you can trust to be truly eco-friendly and safe. Fortunately, 3M is making it a lot easier to be green with their 3M GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified adhesives.

The GREENGUARD designation means that these products meet rigorous standards for low-emitting materials; standards that are based on industry-independent, third-party testing. GREENGUARD’s highest certification is the GREENGUARD Children & School standard and 3M has six adhesives that are certified at this level:

  • 3M Scotch-Weld Cylinder Spray adhesive 94CA (solvent–based)
  • 3M Fastbond Foam Adhesive 100 (water-based)
  • 3M Fastbond Pressure Sensitive Adhesive 4224NF (water-based)
  • 3M Fastbond Insulation Adhesive 49 (water-based)
  • 3M Fastbond Contact Adhesive 30NF/30H (water-based)
  • 3M Fastbond Contact Adhesive 2000NF (water-based)

GREENGUARD, low-VOC adhesives, provides the obvious health and workplace benefits for you, your employees and your clients. But, they also provide you great bottom-line benefits: fewer transport restrictions and reduced flammability for the water-based products, fewer controlled substances to worry about, and an eco-friendly image in the community. It’s not easy being green, but 3M is making a whole lot easier.

supplied air delivery systems

If you’re in the market for supplied air respirators, look to 3M and Adhere Distributors for the equipment and advice to keep you and your workers safe! With 3M you get cutting edge technology and the highest quality breathing protection equipment available. With Adhere Distributors you get the confidence that your employees are getting the very best safety training possible and the very best advice on breathing protection equipment.

3M handles all components of supplied air respirators: head gear, regulators, hoses, and air delivery methods. 3M has developed three air delivery methods that can be used with a variety of head gear regulators and hoses:

  • High pressure air delivery – Combined with an air purification panel, plant air can be filtered, regulated, and delivered to workers.
  • Low pressure air delivery – Using ambient air, low pressure air delivery pumps supply air directly to workers.
  • Cylinder or bottled air delivery – Also a high pressure system, cylinder air is used when plant air is not available.

Also available are purification panels - mounted and portable -to remove contaminants from the air to supply a clean and safe supply of air to workers. All panels come with carbon monoxide filters and monitors.

If you’re looking to upgrade your systems, or looking for your first supplied air respirator, 3M and Adhere Distributors are here to help you make the right decisions for your company.