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June 22, 2012






It may not be well known, but Loctite isnít just for rusty bolts and the construction industry. In fact the food industry has been relying on Loctite for decades.

The high performance machinery of the food industry needs high performance maintenance products to keep the lines operating at peak performance.  The challenge is that industrial products used in the food industry must comply with FDA and Canadian Food inspection Agency regulations for use with food and around food processing areas. Loctite has made the commitment and effort to formulate their products to comply with these regulations.

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3M gripping material

Does a better grip give you a performance advantage, or a safer work environment?  Are you looking for a tighter hold on your play equipment?  If so, 3Mís Gripping Material is exactly what youíre looking for.  3M Gripping Material enhances the contact between you and the item it has been applied to, producing a superior grip so you can work and play more safely and confidently.

Created with their patented micro-replication technology 3M Gripping material consists of thousands of micro gripping fingers on a flexible backing material.  When using a 1-part system, i.e., application of gripping material to your tools only, gripping material increases the friction at the point of handling.  The result is a superior, more comfortable grip under dry, wet, or even oily conditions.  When 3M gripping material is used in a 2-part system Ė on a glove and on the tool or surface Ė gripping power is further improved.

3M Gripping Material comes in an adhesive backed version that can be applied directly to many metals, wood, and plastic.  The plain-backed version is designed for sew-on applications where fabric or leather is used, such as work gloves.  3M Griping Material is available in a range of tactility (from ultra soft to firm), and durability and even comes in ready-to-use pre-molded grips for handles or shafts.

3M Gripping material is incredibly versatile.  You can use Gripping Material on almost anything that you want to get a better grip on; big or small.  Just a few of its applications include:

  • Work gloves
  • Industrial tool handles
  • Levers
  • Steering wheels
  • Handrails
  • Baseball bats
  • Golf club grips and gloves
  • Fishing rods
  • Sport racquets
  • Water ski gloves
  • Power tools
  • Garden tools
  • Lawn mower handles
  • Snow blower handles
  • Therapeutic products

Before you purchase 3M Gripping Material, make sure you invest in a trial bag.  Trial bags come as rolls or sheets of gripping material that you can try out under your conditions before investing in production quantities.

If getting a better grip will make a difference to your work, play, or safety, 3M Gripping Material is a product worth getting a hold of.

Optal LG-45

Product labeling is a tricky business when you consider the conditions that certain products undergo during shipping and storage.  The beverage industry stands out in particular:  not only do beverage containers come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials; they are also subjected to extreme environments.  As a manufacturer, you donít want the label of your product melting off in the icy, cold water of the cooler, or flaking off before the end-user even opens the packaging.

Henkel has been in the adhesives business for nearly a century and knows a thing or two about adhesives and meeting customersí needs.  Henkel has produced an entire line of water-based labeling adhesives specially formulated for beverage containers.

The OPTAL series of adhesives have been developed to accommodate a variety of container materials and conditions including:

  • Materials:

- PVC and treated PVC; PET and flexible PET; coated and non-coated glass (including moderate to high coated glass

  • Conditions:

- ice-proof, extremely high ice water resistance, ultimate ice water resistance
returnable and non-returnable glass
easy clean with low water resistance

Henkel innovation has produced a number of high performance adhesives within the OPTAL line of products.  For example, Optal LG-45 is a high performance water-based adhesive.  LG-45 was developed specifically to replace the more traditional casein formulation for returnable glass containers.  By replacing casein, LG-45 is a more durable formulation, passes brewery ice proof tests, yet permits easy label removal by bottle washing methods.  Furthermore, synthetic polymer formulations are less expensive than casein-based products.

Water-based labeling adhesives are only one of the many lines of Henkel adhesives and sealants.  For more information on Henkelís complete line of products visit Henkel on-line or drop in at Adhere Distributors for expert one-on-one advice.