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June 19, 2009






3M’s new Construction Sheathing Tape 8088 is designed to seal the edges of construction sheathing and house wrap and acts as a closure system for all interior and exterior sheathing materials.  8088 is a printed polypropylene tape coated with an aggressive acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive.  Because of low permeability of the backing, it provides an excellent closure and vapour seal.  Approved by the Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC), this product offers superior value for new construction, reno’s, and repairs on all vapour barrier and sheathing materials.

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Loctite elastomeric adhesives with Flextec technology

Although Loctite has been producing adhesives for over 50 years, they’re still committed to developing new and innovative products.  Loctite’s newest product line of elastomeric adhesives and sealants are no exception.  With their proprietary “Flextec Technology”, these non-silicone-based products offer high resiliency, high tensile strength, and good adhesion between dissimilar substrates that are subjected to joint movement.  These materials are designed for primerless adhesion and rapid skin time, making application simple and fast.

Loctite’s elastomeric adhesives and sealants are an all purpose product with excellent usability:

  • Fills gaps, seals and bonds – can replace rivets and mechanical fasteners
  • Paintable
  • UV and weather resistant
  • Wide range of industrial and construction applications
  • Adheres to a wide range of materials, including bonding of dissimilar substrates
  • Superior to polyurethane and silicone adhesives and sealants

Loctite elastomeric adhesives and sealants, featuring the Flextec Technology, are available at Adhere Distributors, in conveniently sized cartridges or pails, to cover all your projects - big or small.


3M Safety Glasses

When you need eye protection on the job or in your home workshop, 3M Protective Eyewear is there to see you through.  3M has blended safety, function and comfort into their new, expanded lines of protective eyewear.  These new products include the following features:

  • Wrap around style providing front and side protection
  • Polycarbonate frame with soft nosepieces
  • Soft temples for longer wear time
  • Shatter-resistant and anti-scratch, polycarbonate lenses
  • Clear, smoke and mirrored lens options
  • 99% UV protection for outdoor use
  • ANSI compliant for limited eye and face protection against flying particles

But, let’s not forget about style!  No longer bulky and uncomfortable, 3M’s Protective Eyewear Plus Series are available in a variety of great new styles, including the sporty goggle-style and the sleek frameless design.  The Plus Series also offers bifocal lens with four different magnification levels.

And, there’s more; 3M also carries the very cool line of protective eyewear from Orange County Choppers, inspired by the popular TV hit, American Chopper!  All 3M and Orange County Choppers eyewear are ANSI compliant.

You can’t afford to take chances with your eyes.  3M’s Protective Eyewear lines provide industry standard protection, as well as comfort and style to keep you and your eyes safe on the job.