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June 16, 2008







3M, your industry leader in adhesives, has a new look for their cyanoacrylate adhesives (CAs) and an expanded number of products to meet your changing needs.  Whether you need CAs that are super fast curing, temperature resistant, gap filling or for general usage, 3M has over 30 products for you to chose from. While the look may be different, 3M continues to provide the exceptional quality and performance that you have come to expect with their products.  For all your adhesive needs, check out 3M products on our web site at Adhere Distributors.

Respiratory Protection - User Training

Due to recent changes in legislation, all companies that use respirators in the workplace must now provide a formal respiratory protection training program for their employees.

As a leading supplier of industrial manufacturing products and equipment, Adhere Distributors is also pleased to be a leader in providing Respiratory Protection - User Training for Winnipeg companies.  The program, and the Adhere Distributor instructors, are both certified by 3Ms Respiratory Protection Course to ensure that your company meets the new regulations and that your employees receive the very best safety training possible.

Highlights of this program include discussion of respiratory hazards, hands on instruction on Mask Fit Testing and User Seal Checking, proper storage, and how to deal with emergency situations involving use or malfunction of the respirator.

To find out more about this program, call Adhere Distributors and well be pleased to answer your questions or arrange a User Training program for your company.


Anaerobic Adhesives Gives You a Secure Seal

When a tight, secure fit or seal is what you need, look no further than 3M Scotch Weld Anaerobic Adhesives to get the job done right. 

3Ms anaerobic adhesives have been specially designed for use in the absence of oxygen as threadlockers, pipe sealants, retaining compounds and gasket.  This line of adhesives cures quickly into a tough plastic to ensure a tight seal, hold or fill.

Threadlockers are particularly useful for screws and bolts in applications subject to vibrational and impact stress such as gear housing and motor mounts.

Pipe Sealants produce an instant seal and can replace the use of traditional PTFE (Teflon) tapes and O rings.

Retaining Compound is ideal for non-threaded components and can increase load bearing of cylindrical joints, reduce assembly stresses, and tighten tolerances in worn bearing, gears and shafts. 

Filling metal-to-metal voids and sealing dissimilar metals with 3Ms Gasket Makers is a breeze and eliminates the need for pre-cut or compression gaskets.

With 27 anaerobic adhesives to choose from, 3M and Adhere Distributors are sure to have the right product for your application.