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February 1, 2013






Adhere Distributors is pleased to announce that Lisa Nieman has recently moved to the position of Technical Sales Representative and Outside Sales.  Lisa had been the Office Coordinator for Adhere Distributors for the last 10 years where she ran the office, order desk, as well as accounts payable and receivable with expert efficiency.  She is looking forward to taking the same approach to providing technical information and sale advice to all of Adhere’s clients.

Adhere Distributors is also pleased to announce that the Office Coordinator position is now being carried out by Alison Thomas. Alison has been with the company since September 2012 and is excited to be part of the Adhere family.

Whether you’re an established client, or just visiting for the first time, come in and meet Alison and say “Hello” to Lisa; both are looking forward to helping you find the right solutions, and the best products for your industrial adhesive, tape, abrasive and sealant applications.

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3M Particulate Respirators

For years 3M has been at the forefront of on-the-job safety products.  Continuing in that tradition, 3M is introducing their new, updated line of Aura particulate respirators:  the 9210+, 9211+ and the N95.

All three respirators come with the following standard features:  individual packaging to prevent pre-use contamination; flat-fold design for improved portability, and the 3M patented Cool Flow Valve.  This device is designed to release exhaled breath from the mask to prevent the build up of heat and moisture in the facepiece.

The + means that the 9210+, 9211+, and N95 come with all the great features noted above, PLUS:

  • Braided headbands for improved comfort and a more secure fit;
  • Embossed and sculpted top panels for improved fit around the nose and contours on the face to reduce fogging of eye ware and eye protection;
  • Chin tab for easier position, donning and adjustment on face.

The 9210+, 9211+ and N95 respirators are designed specifically for use when protection from particulate matter is a concern.  This includes applications such as bagging, grinding, sawing, sweeping woodworking and other activities that involve airborne particulates such as dust.

Adhere Distributors is dedicated to supplying you with the best products to keep you safe on the job, or at the hobby table. That’s why we choose 3M products for safety and comfort that you can count on.

If getting a better grip will make a difference to your work, play, or safety, 3M Gripping Material is a product worth getting a hold of.

Loctite SF 7900 Ceramic Shield for Welding

Loctite’s new SF 7900 Ceramic Shield for Welding is innovative, protects your equipment, increases production, and best of all, it saves you money.

Loctite SF 7900 is a dry film, ceramic, silicone-free spray that you apply directly to your welding equipment to prevent against metal spatter.  It can be used for manual MIG/MAG welding, laser/plasma cutting, jigs, fixtures and fittings.  Spray it on contact tips, welding nozzles, jigs and shrouds.  Once applied, it dries within seconds – there’s virtually no waiting to get on with the job.  SF 7900 lasts for up to eight hours, and at only pennies per application, the benefits are amazing.

  • Welding spatter no longer adheres to the contact tips or shrouds;
  • Reliable, uninterrupted work processes;
  • Less down time;
  • Enhanced productivity;
  • Cleaner welds;
  • Physical and thermal protection of your welding equipment;
  • Increased service life of your equipment (four to 5 times!);
  • Easy clean up and no need for grinding or chemical cleaning.

Work pieces can also be protected with SF 7900 making for a better finished product.  But, perhaps the most important benefits of SF 7900 are the savings on welding consumables, lower costs due to reduced downtime, and increased productivity.

Loctite SF 7900 is a remarkable product that will make your welding processes easier, protects your equipment, reduces your costs, and will improve the way you weld!