Adhere Distributors

February 20, 2008







Adhere Distributors is pleased to announce that Terrence (Terry) J. Wilson has been hired as a technical sales representative specializing in 3M Abrasives and both 3M and Loctite Automotive Specialty Products.

Phone:  (204) 694-1660 ext 26
Toll Free:  (800) 665-7962
Fax:  (204) 697-1584

Re-Mov Silicone & Adhesive Remover

Removing excess or left over Silicone and adhesive can be a challenge and runs the risk of scraping or scratching the finish of your product.  Adhere Distributors is pleased to introduce to Canada, an exciting new product designed to remove silicone and adhesives without damaging the surface of most materials.  Re-MovTMSilicone and Adhesive Remover acts immediately once it is applied to break down the bonds of silicone and adhesives.  Spray it on and remove silicone with a plastic scraper or fingernail; adhesives can simply be wiped up cleanly and effortlessly.  Adhere Distributors is the first distributor in Canada to handle Re-Mov.

Re-Mov Silicone and Adhesive Remover is safe for most materials including, glass, all types of metal, polycarbonates and fibreglass, and fabrics!  Re-Mov can be used to clean tar from your car and even gum from carpets without changing the carpetís colour or damaging the fibres.  Regardless of whether your clean-ups are around the house or around the shop, try Re-Mov Silicone and Adhesive Remover from Adhere Distributors.

New Family of Abrasives

3MTM, your leader in innovative design, is pleased to provide you with a family of abrasive for all your construction and manufacturing needs. 

3M Scotch-BriteTM Surface Conditioning Wheels and Flap Brushes are designed specifically for deburring, blending, cleaning and polishing and providing consistent finishes for carbon and stainless steel, nickel alloys and other materials.  Because of the variety of wheels and brushes available, they are versatile enough to handle aggressive jobs such as removing burrs and forging marks, as well as finer jobs such as jewelery and antique finishing.

Clean Sanding Discs are another 3MTM product designed to improve cutting, last longer and keep your work place cleaner.  The discs have a patented, precise, multi-hole pattern that removes dust from the cutting surface more efficiently than 5- and 6-holed discs.  By preventing loading of the discs, cut is not compromised and discs last longer, saving you money.