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December 21, 2010






... that Adhere Distributors is now handling adjustable work bench frames from Joro Manufacturing?

Joro Manufacturing has developed an extensive and sophisticated level of expertise in height adjustability to improve workplace ergonomics and to reduce the hazards for injury and discomfort without undermining productivity.

Visit our website for more information about adjustable work bench frames from Joro Manufacturing, or visit Adhere Distributors in person.

3M Scotch-Weld Epoxy and Acrylic Structural Adhesives

If your operations involve bonding oily metal components, you know it can be tricky. Surface preparation can be labour-intensive, time consuming, and costly. 3M Scotch-Weld Epoxy and Acrylic Structural adhesives for bonding Oily Metals simplifies and speeds up the job of bonding oily metals.

Scotch-Weld Toughened Epoxy Adhesive DP920 has a unique patented chemistry that cuts through oils and binds metals with exceptional durability and high bond strength. Both the epoxy DP920 and the acrylic adhesives have excellent mixed worklife and time to handling strength. All you need to do is wipe the surface with a clean cloth to remove excessive oil; degreasers, cleaning agents and surface preparation will be a thing of the past. The benefits to you are that you save valuable time and money.

Both the epoxies and acrylics s come in convenient cartridges with special dispensing nozzles to meter, mix and apply the adhesive evenly and consistently.

These adhesives can be used to bond metal in agricultural equipment, elevators and escalators, trailers specialty vehicles, and metal working processes – the list goes on. Wherever metal meets metal, 3M Scotch-Weld Epoxy and Acrylic Structural adhesives will save you time and provide you with excellent adhesion and consistent results.


NuFlex Sealants

NuFlex Sealants are the professional’s choice when it comes to quality construction sealants. Made in Canada by NUCO Inc., NuFlex sealants are 100% silicone and are designed for a large number of applications.

  • General Purpose
  • Metal & Vinyl
  • Acoustical & Vapour Barrier
  • Exterior Siding & Trim
  • Marine (above water line)
  • Bath & Kitchen
  • Aquarium
  • Windows
  • Joint Sealing (self-levelling)
  • High Temperature Silicone (600oF; latex, 800oF)

NuFlex has also designed a line of specialty sealants for use in the construction and manufacturing industries.

NuFlex Butyl Rubber Caulk and Gutter Seal: Ideal for sealing gutter down spouts, metal storm windows, doors and lap joints, and adheres well to damp surfaces.

NuFlex 136 Draft Stop: Designed to resist high-temperatures and smoke in non-rated construction; used in annular spaces around wires, pipes, ducts, and vents in wood or steel framed non-rated construction.

NuFlex 446 Acoustical & Vapour Barrier Sealant: Specially formulated to adhere to most common vapour barrier films as well as wood, metal, concrete and foam boards; permanently flexible non-slumping sealant.

NuFlex 630 Tripolymer Sealant: High performance special blend of polymers for exterior use in the transportation industry including marine applications.

NuFlex 640 Thermoplastic Sealant: Excellent adhesion to a variety of construction materials including marine surfaces; has rubber-like characteristics and can be compressed or extended.

NuFlex 800 High Temperature Latex Sealant: For gas burning systems such as gas appliance venting, fire box area of direct vent gas fireplaces, hot gas ducting, and piping flanges. Withstands 800°F and will not shrink over time, or when heated.