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December 15, 2009






New to the LOCTITE family of thread sealants is Thread Sealant 5452 for pneumatic and hydraulic systems to prevent vibrational loosening of the fittings.  LOCTITE 5452 instantly seals any size of NPT, ORB or JIC fittings and will not cause fouling of hydraulic fluids.

LOCTITE 5452 has a gel formula and a fast setting time, making it useful for large fittings, gaps or threads.  It can also be used on new or used fittings and its wide temperature range makes it suitable for a range of applications.  This product comes in 250ml or 50ml tubes for big or small jobs.

If you need to stop a leak or re-establish a pneumatic or hydraulic fitting, LOCTITE 5452 thread sealant can do the job.

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Adhere Distributors keeps your 3M Case Sealers running smoothly so it doesn't run out on you!

Keeping your automatic case sealer running smoothly is an absolute must if you want to stay productive and competitive.  Proper set-up and maintenance ensures that the tape is applied consistently, resulting in a cleaner and stronger finished product.  Proper maintenance can also result in less tape being used and lower your operating costs.

Adhere Distributors’ TPS program – Total Packaging Solutions – is a warranty program to keep your 3M-Matic case sealer in top running condition.

Adhere Distributors will replace worn tape heads with reconditioned units, and, provide regular maintenance on your case sealer.  A number of maintenance and warranty options are available:  extended warranties on all parts of your case sealer for new and previously owned/reconditioned 3M case sealers; no cost warranty work; and reduced prices on replacement parts.  In addition, fixed tape pricing provides price protection on your tape costs for up to two years.

Adhere Distributors is Manitoba’s only 3M-Matic Gold Level distributor and the only Manitoba distributor with two 3M certified 3M-Matic technicians on staff.  If you want professional, certified maintenance on your case sealer, Adhere Distributors is your best choice to keep your 3M packing equipment in top form.

Loctite Extend One-Step Rust Treatment

Got rust?

Loctite Extend One-Step Rust TreatmentDon’t worry; LOCTITE has the solution. LOCTITE Extend One-Step Rust Treatment destroys old rust and prevents new rust.  It’s easy to use; just brush or spray it on.  This unique product is non-flammable, has low toxicity and can replace conventional primers for most industrial finish paints.  And the best thing about this product is that it works best when rust is already present!

Extend One-Step Rust Treatment has plenty of industrial and non-industrial applications:  pipes, valves, fittings in refineries, trucks and trailers, outdoor signs, guardrails, harvesters, snow removal equipment – the list is virtually endless.

So, got rust?

Not anymore.