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December 17, 2008







In a climate like ours, it’s an advantage to have construction products that can be used year-round over the range of temperatures that we experience.  3M’s FSK Facing Tape 3320 is a specially designed vapour retardant tape for sealing mineral wool foil-faced insulation, bare sheet metal ducts and blanket-style fiberglass duct insulation under cold and hot/humid weather conditions. FSK is mold resistant, bonds instantly to a number of surfaces and has been designed for easy handling in tight access.  FSK comes in a variety of sizes and is sure to provide you with ease of application and long-term reliability.

For all your adhesive needs, check out 3M products on our web site at Adhere Distributors

LePage GreenSeries of Caulks, Sealants & Adhesives

Today the buzzword in the building industry is “green”. Green building processes are intended to make homes more energy efficient, healthier, and more environmentally friendly. With this in mind, LePage has developed the OSI® GreenSeries of caulks, adhesives and sealants - the first brand of green products in this category that meet energy efficiency and global impact standards.

Caulks, adhesives and sealants improve a building’s energy efficiency by preventing air from leaking in and out of the building.  The LePage GreenSeries products provide professionals and consumers a variety of products to meet their construction needs: 

  • Interior/exterior sealants
  • Construction adhesives, and
  • Specialty sealants

LePage’s OSI GreenSeries has also reduced or eliminated the levels of harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) in strict accordance green building specifications. 

What this all means is that by using these products you can save on your energy bill, and know that you are contributing to a healthier environment.

Whether you’re a professional or a consumer, choosing environmentally friendly building products is your choice.  For your next project, consider using LePage OSI GreenSeries for an excellent selection of construction products that can help make the world a greener place.


Re-Mov Silicone & Adhesive Remover

In our first newsletter (February 2008), we introduced you to, Re-Mov Silicone and Adhesive Remover.  We knew it was a great “surface friendly” product for the safe and quick removal of silicone and adhesives from a variety of surfaces. Now, Canadian construction expert and industry pro, John Eakes (aka, Mr. Chips) has tried it and generously endorses it: “You have to work it into the bond joint but it works like a miracle – the caulking bead comes off intact and the surface is clean without using a knife.”  According to Eakes, Re-Mov is also great at removing heavy adhesives, even the PL Premium products! 

Products come and go, but Re-Mov Silicone and Adhesive Remover works, and it works well.  If Re-Mov is a product you’re looking for, drop in and visit us at Adhere Distributors.