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August 12, 2013






Adhere Distributors is having an OPEN HOUSE!

On September 13, from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm, were inviting all of our customers and friends to come and join us for an open house to show off our new facilities at 6 Stevenson Road.

In February of 2012 we made the big move from our old location to our brand new, larger location one block north at 6 Stevenson Road.  There will be tours, demonstrations, refreshments and thank you goodies for all who attend.

Our entire staff will be there to welcome you and show you what we have to offer.  Its the perfect opportunity to drop in and meet us, see our new office, get a tour and meet some of our reps.

Were proud of our new home and the service weve provided to our customers for 27 years.  We're looking forward to seeing all of you!

Find us on the web, or visit Adhere Distributors in person.



Do you need a spray adhesive for your manufacturing or assembly processes?

If you do, 3Ms Fast Tack Water Based Adhesive 1000NF may just be the product to see you through.

Fast Tack is a water-based, acrylic adhesive.  It sprays on for a one surface application, has no VOCs, has a fast tack time and provides exceptional bonding strength.

  • Water-based no solvents means less inventory and disposal costs;
  • Single surface application saves time and improves product coverage;
  • Environmentally friendly no VOCs, non-flammable, polychloroprene-free, GREENGUARD indoor air certified, meets California and OTC state VOC requirements, and improves workplace environment;
  • Fast tack time saves time and increases productivity but still allows for repositioning of bonded materials.

Fast Tack Water Based Adhesive has many applications.  It bonds to several types of flexible foams, latex foams, fabric, polyester fiberfill, wood, plywood, particleboard and many plastic and metal surfaces.  Youll be able to find many uses for it in furniture and upholstery manufacturing, woodworking, insulation attachment, and vehicle manufacturing.  If adhesive colour is an issue, Fast Tack also comes in neutral and purple formulations.

If a win-win option sounds good to you, 3Ms Fast Tack Water Based Adhesive 1000NF is a smart choice. Its good for the environment and your workplace, can save you time, and increase your productivity.


An excellent alternative to other closure devices

Scotchmate Nylon Reclosable fasteners are an excellent alternative to other closure devices such as zippers, screws, snaps, hooks, and bolts.  3M has produced a large line of these fasteners to accommodate many materials and fastening conditions. These reclosable fasteners provide a greater design flexibility, faster assembly than many statndard fasteners.  Vibration and side-to-side motion actually tends to improve closure performance!

3M give you two choices for Scotchmate Nylon Reclosable fasteners:

  • plain backed, sew-on product designed for garments and fabrics;
  • pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) product that produce a high adhesive bond to a wide variety of materials.

The sew-on products provide a convenient and handy adjustable closure and are washable and dry cleanable.  The PSA products are good for especially low surface energy materials such as polyethylene and polypropylene, and provide excellent moisture resistance.

Scotchmate Nylon Reclosable fasteners come in a variety of widths to suit the materials being fastened and fastening conditions.  Call us to help make the right choice!



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