April 2, 2014

Did You Know...?

As spring approaches, the “to do” list of spring cleaning and fix it up jobs will start to grow.  Get a head start on the work with the help of Adhere Distributor’s, Special Spring Sales Deal!  Right now, Adhere has great deals on 2¾-inch, 5-inch and 6-inch disc and roll Stick It sandpaper.

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Community Involvement

Adhere Distributors and our group of companies that include Welders Supplies and Medigas Manitoba, are looking forward to becoming more active on implementing corporate social responsibility initiatives within our company in 2014.  It is important for us to help make our community a better place to live and we realize that large or small, every bit counts.

With this winter being one of the coldest on record for 30 years, we thought this was a perfect time to hold a hat and mitten drive.  In total, we collected:

  • 72 hats and toques

  • 53 pairs of mittens

  • 42 scarves

  • 28 coats

  • 5 pairs of snow pants

  • 4 sweatshirts

  • 1 pair of winter boots

All items were donated to Siloam Mission.  We would like to thank all those involved for their generous donations of clothes items.

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Loctite Fixmaster Crack Fillers (non-sagging)

It may not look like it, but spring is around the corner and there is a lot of snow to melt this year.  Hopefully, your foundation is in good shape, but with a fast melt, water will find its way into any crack so be prepared with Loctite Fixmaster Crack Fillers.

Loctite Fixmaster Crack Fillers are two-component epoxy products designed for repairing holes, spalls and cracks in concrete, brick, block, masonry and rotted wood.  Foundations, brick, or concrete walls, and ceilings are particularly well served by Loctite’s Non-Sagging Crack Filler.  Able to withstand vertical, horizontal and overhead applications, this product cures in just 2 hours and stays in place to maintain its excellent sealing properties.

Surface Preparation and applying Loctite Fixmaster Crack Filler is easy.  Simply remove loose aggregate, dust, oil, grease, old sealing products and waxes from the crack site.  Clean the crack with a bristle and blow out any dust.

The non-sagging Loctite Fixmaster Crack Filler is applied using a heavy duty dispensing tool. A static tip mixing nozzle is included with the dispensing tool to mix the two components and dispense a bubble-free paste.  Apply crack filler directly into the crack and trowel the Crack Filler smooth.  Let cure for two hours.

Loctite Fixmaster Crack Filler is an excellent product that can help maintain the integrity of concrete structures and give you peace of mind that your basement, work place and other structures will remain dry and insulated from the elements.



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