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April 21, 2011






... that Carworx automotive products are now available through Adhere Distributors?

Carworx provides a huge line of professional workshop quality automotive refinishing products, tools and accessories.

Visit our website to learn more about Carworx automotive products, or visit Adhere Distributors in person.


Virtua AP Protective Eyewear

Building on their expertise in occupational health and environmental safety products, 3M has your safety in their sights.

The Virtua AP Protective Eyewear line is the newest in eye protection from 3M. Made from tough polycarbonate, Virtua AP lenses meet the high impact resistant standards of CSA and ANSI and absorb 99.9% of UV rays. High wrap lens design and a super light frame (less than one ounce) offer a wider viewing area and a better, snugger, more comfortable fit. The integral side shield design gives you added peripheral protection.

Multiple lens tinting lets you customize eye protection for your specific work environment, lighting conditions and the task at hand to prevent eye stress and fatigue:

  • clear - general everyday eye protection

  • gray - outdoors

  • light blue - protects from monochromatic yellow light and minimizes glare

  • amber Ė absorbs blue, UV and hazy light

  • indoor/outdoor Ė for frequent movement between indoors and outdoors

Whether youíre at work on the job site, or in your garage working on your favourite hobby, eye protection is a must. Our representatives at Adhere Distributors will be happy to answer your questions and help you find the right eye protection to keep you safe.

VFlex Particulate Respirators

Adhere Distributors knows that being protected doesnít mean you canít be comfortable.  Thatís why they handle the 3M VFlex Particulate Respirators (9105/9105S and N95).  VFlex respirators combine safety and practical design without compromising comfort for the wearer.

  • The unique V-shaped pleat design expands to give a more spacious fit that keeps the filter media away from the mouth, allows easier breathing, mouth movement, and talking.  That means more comfort and better communication on the job.

  • No natural rubber latex in the headbands means you donít have to worry about latex allergies.

  • Side tabs act as handles for easier adjustment of the respirator to give a better fit.

  • Respirators are conveniently designed to be compatible with a variety of eyewear and hearing protection from 3M.

  • Respirators come in two sizes to fit a range of faces.

VFlex Particulate Respirators can be used for industrial, professional or home workplaces that involve sweeping, sanding, grinding, dry chemical handling - virtually any situation where airborne particulate matter can be a potential problem or where respiratory protection is needed.