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Whether you need to package products to be mailed across the world or package a product to sell, 3M packaging equipment and machinery can help you achieve your goal.  Adhere Distributors carries a wide variety of packaging equipment, machinery and packaging tapes.

You can order tapes such as box sealing tape, security and tamper evidence tape, tape for shipping hazardous materials, and temperature specific tapes to name a few.

We also carry air-cushion packaging, labeling systems, case sealing systems, and tape dispensers to help you become more efficient in your business.

Please use our product enquiry form to search for 3M packaging equipment and machinery or whatever product you are in need of.




Finally, itís here!  A painterís tape that actually works and gives you clean crisp lines after removing it!  FrogTape is specially designed to work with latex paint and is the only tape treated with PaintBlock Technology ... read more on Frog Tape.







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